West-MEC Professional Development Department

West-MEC offers professional development classes to anyone interested in growing and developing personally and professionally. While the organization of West-MEC has a strong brand as a whole, the Professional Development Department branding was falling behind. West-MEC Professional Development is the only department within the organization that faces outwards and serves schools, businesses, and community members. To attract potential clients, the department needed a fresh look going into the new year.​​​​​​​
As an independent contractor for West-MEC, my goal was to update the department's branding and bring it up to par with the rest of the organization's modern look and feel. I wanted to make it clear that the department was part of a larger organization. In the photo above to the left, you can see West-MEC's logo mark. In the photo to the right, you can see some of the other ideas that were explored during the brainstorming process. In the end, the client selected the logo mark highlighted in orange.
I was able to accomplish this by incorporating the main company logo into the department brand mark. I also wanted to ensure that returning consumers are put at ease by keeping the lightbulb iconography of the original logo intact.
The department often created half-sheet flyers with condensed information. One of the recurring problems the department ran into was that their logo would not fit on flyers in a way that visually pleasing or legible. The department can place these alternative circular logos on collateral at a larger scale in condensed spaces making the text more legible
I created this set of badges for certificates and promotional materials related to specific West-MEC course series taught by West-MEC. Each badge maintains a consistent style but utilizes different iconography to distinguish each course series.
This rollup banner display was designed to advertise West-MEC's Professional Development courses at the 2020 Arizona CTE Conference. Using West-MEC's core orange color scheme to contrast pure black, I was able to create a dynamic and engaging display that would attract attendees from across the conference center.
West-MEC PD Rebrand
These new business cards (right) were designed using the West-MEC orange gradient in conjunction with the newly created Professional Development badge logo. These cards are bold, statement-making, and less likely to be lost in the void of someone's wallet or pants pocket. I also created new half sheet course flyers that provide teachers a blueprint on the order in which they should complete classes. The flyer employs stylized arrows that guide eyes down the flyer.
The Professional Skills Poster is designed for use in the classrooms at West-MEC. The poster is designed so that instructors could place magnets along the left side (hence why there are no circles on the left side of the poster) to indicate when students had mastered each of the professional skills. At the request of my employer each skill was displayed in a different font in order to help students distinguish them from each other. The poster works cohesively with other West-MEC branded classroom materials.