U Rock Girl

Advertising Campaign (2021)

U Rock Girl has developed a community through an all-in-one platform to strengthen and empower women over 40 to embrace lifestyle changes that will positively improve their physical and emotional health by nourishing the mind, body and soul.
Building on the established brand equity of the U Rock Girl name, the goal of the project was to refresh the brand through logo and color palette development to better reflect U Rock Girl’s whole health approach: fitness, nutrition, sleep/stress, balance and overall wellness to their core demographic.
The target audience for this project women 40+ who may be experiencing life changes associated with being in the perimenopausal, menopausal or postmenopausal stages of life.
U Rock Girl provides a community experience with a unique, holistic approach – unlike their competitors whose main focus is primarily women in their 20-30s dealing with hormonal health or post-pregnancy weight loss.
Competing brands fall into a sea of sameness: they all feature pastel color schemes and light or script fonts. And they all fail to have impact or memorability.
I developed an iconic brand mark that appealed to the target audience and encompassed the mission and values of U Rock Girl. The script "Girl" typeface is lighter and more feminine which helps the bolder sans serif "U Rock" type stand out. The large, vibrant U places the emphasis on the individual and works as a mark that can be carried into the sub-brand logos. The painted circle encompasses the idea of a holistic health lifestyle without overcomplicating the design. From the vibrant colors to the bold type the design was purposefully crafted to empower women to have the confidence to pursue a happier and healthier lifestyle.
Throughout each design, we utilized consistent elements to provide the entire campaign a cohesive look across different mediums. From alumni shopping on their smartphones to students passing by the storefront on campus we made it our goal to create a festive and joyful experience. Each sale day took center stage with large alternating colors that helped provide bold contrast against a GCU purple background. Our icon set allowed us to illustrate all the things that make Christmas such a magical time of year. Plus we were able to have a bit of fun with the icon set and add in a GCU Lope icon in the top right corner of the design. It's the little details like thee that made each piece of the campaign so much more dynamic and interesting to look at.



  • Micah Fischer, Graphic Designer
  • Emily Lane, Graphic Designer
  • Tori Whitcomb, Graphic Designer


  • Lyric Jackson, Project Assistant
  • Arianna Bell, Copywriter