Sweet Treats Logo & Advertising Campaign

Sweet Treats is a business concept for a family-owned cupcake shop in a small suburb outside of Portland. The business concept was developed by fellow classmate Ashlan Burris. I was tasked with developing a logo and advertising campaign for the business.
When developing the logo, I was intentional about incorporating the type into the mark itself.  The lettering in the logo was hand-drawn in order to give the brand a unique personality. Additionally, I created a secondary monogram mark that could be utilized when there wasn't space to feature the primary logo appropriately.
Sweet Treats Cupcake Shop Logo & Ad Campaign
The campaign employed bright and simple photography cleverly framed to make the cupcakes the center of attention. Accompanied by playful copy each ad was sure to stop customers right in their tracks.
The postcard relied on the same principles as the magazine ad. A new cupcake was featured along with a new color scheme. The colors utilized within the ads are bright and playful. I selected soft and inviting typography designed to ensure the ad would be attractive to a wide audience. Additionally, I was intentional about reducing the amount of clutter in the ads and wanted to draw the customer's eye straight to the delicious cupcakes.
The social ads followed the same design language as the print ads. The cupcakes maintain their position as the center of attention while accompanied by creative copy. With the social ads, we were able to add additional copy to the caption and direct users to the link in the client's account bio.
The web ads maintain the aesthetic of the rest of the campaign while cutting out the body copy. A more concise order online button populates the bottom half of the ads. This makes the ads great for viewing on smaller devices and content-packed websites.