Quintura Organic Food Farm

Quintura Farms is an organic family farm started by Andres Quintura in 1969 outside of Portland, Oregon. The farm produces 100% organic and ethically sourced foods and meal kits. The brand is known for its transparency and authenticity when it comes to a clean and healthy meal and ingredient alternatives. Quintura Farms has recently launched its direct delivery service which is designed to deliver farm-fresh goods directly to the doors of consumers. A major part of this rollout was a new logo designed specifically to be used at small sizes on digital mediums.
Animated Logo
Animated Logo Single Color
Much of Quintura Farms' marketing is done through short-form videos on social media platforms. With this in mind, I felt it was important to develop an animated version of the logo that could be easily utilized to add another element of branding to digital content. The finished logo bugs keep consumers engaged for seconds longer and helps them put a name to the brand which is especially crucial for first-time content viewers.
Another critical part of the Quintura Farms brand was its website. With the launch of their direct to consumer delivery service, Quintura Farms needed a robust and user-friendly website. I was able to design simple navigation features and a straightforward user interface that will make their website the center of their brand. Every element of the site is beautifully constructed yet simple in form. 
Quintura Farms UI Design
This rollup banner display was designed to advertise West-MEC's Professional Development courses at the 2020 Arizona CTE Conference. Using West-MEC's core orange color scheme to contrast pure black, I was able to create a dynamic and engaging display that would attract attendees from across the conference center.
These new business cards (right) were designed using the West-MEC orange gradient in conjunction with the newly created Professional Development badge logo. These cards are bold, statement-making, and less likely to be lost in the void of someone's wallet or pants pocket. I also created new half sheet course flyers that provide teachers a blueprint on the order in which they should complete classes. The flyer employs stylized arrows that guide eyes down the flyer.
In the app I wanted to maintain consistency across different platforms and devices. Elements from the website were adapted to fit smaller devices without sacrificing on the clarity of the user interface. When adapting the web elements for mobile devices I was careful to make sure that important information remained center stage while less critical content was removed to reduce clutter in the app.
Through iconography, I was able to quickly communicate information to users without creating an over-cluttered or busy design. Additionally, icons serve to add another level of clarity to the navigation bar at the bottom of the app.