Ocotillioasis Waterwise Landscaping Brochure

Ocotilloasis is a water-wise landscaping company in North Scottsdale, Arizona that aims to build environmentally conscious landscaping and water features. Through the creation of this brochure Ocotilloasis sought to project an image of dependability and sophistication in order to attract a wealthier clientele. Through the successful development and design of this brochure I was able to elevate Ocotilloasis' brand image and project a sense of confidence to their potential customers.
From the elegant pairing of two distinct typefaces to the muted color scheme of the brochure every aspect of the design was carefully considered with the client's marketing goals in mind. The featured photography showcasing the client's services blends seamlessly with the rest of the design and gives customers a small taste of the serenity they could enjoy by partnering with Ocotillioasis.
Subtle details like the bold font-weight of the process numbers and the faded cacti illustrations in the background add yet another layer of depth and complexity to the design. It is this attention to detail that will instill confidence in consumers and help Ocotilloasis acquire the types of clients they are interested in serving.
The company described above is fictional and the logo and company information was provided as part of an assignment.