Get Out The Vote 2020 Election Posters

Republican, Democrat, or Independent, 2020 was a critical election year. Several key battleground states in this election were shifted by record-breaking voter turnout. The purpose of this campaign was to encourage college-aged individuals to vote and make their voices heard in the 2020 election. Poster Design
In particular, these posters were designed to target minority voters who may feel their voices aren’t being heard in our democracy. A voter’s gender, sexual orientation, marital status, job, income, ethnicity, race, and/or education should not determine the value of their voice. These posters are a call to action to every American, imploring them to make themselves heard this election cycle.​​​​​​​
Additionally, these posters are colorful and dynamic and were created to divert the expectations of today’s normal political advertisements which typically carry a dark and fear-mongering tone. The posters are meant to encourage all voters, regardless of their political views, to vote. Utilizing a bright, patriotic, and eye-catching color scheme in the design I was able to develop an inspiring, statement-making poster.