5 Days of Christmas at The Lope Shops

Advertising Campaign (2021)

The Grand Canyon University Lope Shops offers compelling college clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. We have been committed to providing our customers with the best possible service—and to improving it every day. We believe college fashion is a business of optimism, and in that spirit, we continue to grow and evolve for our students. A variety of shipping options, free returns, mobile shopping, and exciting new retail partnerships offer us continued opportunities to serve more customers in more ways with a fresh, relevant shopping experience and inspiring style.

Mission: The Lope Shops are part of the GCU community; meeting the needs of students by encouraging school spirit and reinvesting all profits to support the overall mission of the university.

Vision: The Lope Shops are more than just retail; we are an essential part of the university’s vision to help students lead and serve.

Goal: drive sales from GCU stakeholders and fans and encourage gift-giving for the holidays. Many of the other seasonal sales are regular and anticipated, perhaps none more than the 5 days of Christmas.

Objective: Produce a festive, creative, and eye-catching, “5 Days of Christmas” campaign for the Lope Shops to promote merchandise online and in stores.
5 Days of Christmas at the Lopes Shop
The GCU Lopes Shop was looking for a festive display for their annual 5 Days of Christmas Sale which has occurred for the past five years at the Lopes Shop. Together our team of designers, Emily Lane, Tori Whitcomb, and I developed a concept around geometric shapes and simple line icons. The combination of simple shapes and playful icons allowed us to shape the pattern around the type and guide viewers' eyes through the design. We selected a playful slab serif typeface along with a lighter script to provide some playful contrast and distinguish the sale from other GCU promotional. We also introduced a traditional Christmas scheme along with GCU's iconic brand colors.
Throughout each design, we utilized consistent elements to provide the entire campaign a cohesive look across different mediums. From alumni shopping on their smartphones to students passing by the storefront on campus we made it our goal to create a festive and joyful experience. Each sale day took center stage with large alternating colors that helped provide bold contrast against a GCU purple background. Our icon set allowed us to illustrate all the things that make Christmas such a magical time of year. Plus we were able to have a bit of fun with the icon set and add in a GCU Lope icon in the top right corner of the design. It's the little details like thee that made each piece of the campaign so much more dynamic and interesting to look at.



  • Micah Fischer, Graphic Designer
  • Emily Lane, Graphic Designer
  • Tori Whitcomb, Graphic Designer


  • Lyric Jackson, Project Assistant
  • Arianna Bell, Copywriter